Safety, hygiene, workplace environment policy

Safety, hygiene, workplace environment policy TANAKA PRECISION (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Is a company producing automobile parts. We pay attention to the lives and health of all employees. So we will continuously promote activities related to safety, sanitation and workplace environment as well as production.

  • Safety work is the first obligation and responsibility of all employees.
  • We will comply with laws, regulations and related rules of safety, sanitation and work environment.
  • We will manage, improve and prevent injuries · illnesses, traffic, infectious diseases caused by work. We also promote the safety and health of our employees and suppliers.
  • We will review and improve safe workplaces, equipment, tools and tools. Also prepare to use the personel protection equipment appropriate for work efficiently at any time.
  • We will make safety work cooperation one evaluation item as work performance evaluation. Each level supervisor has a management / support obligation to continue safe work.
  • We will appropriately provide budget, time, personnel and other resources to achieve the goals of safety, sanitation and work environment.
  • We will develop knowledge and cognition about safety work, hygiene, work environment and human resource development. We also periodically evaluate the achievements of measures and plans.
  • Implement risk assessment to reduce risks and prevent anxiety all actions to create a safe and secure workplace.

Environmental policy · Environmental hazardous materials management policy · 5S policy

Environmental policy · Environmental hazardous materials management policy · 5S policy TANAKA PRECISION (THAILAND) CO., LTD., Which produces 2 wheels, 4 wheels, and multipurpose engine parts, recognizes the responsibilities to society and the environment, carries out environmental and harmful substances, carries out 5S activities, continues to involve internally.

    We set the following policy. Environmental policy
  • We will comply with related laws and other regulations in company activities.
  • Contribute to environmental load reduction and environmental protection through 3R activities such as resource consumption reduction (Reduce), reuse (Reuse) and recycle (Recycle).
  • We will respond to customers 'and stakeholders' needs and expectations.
  • We will actively participate in local environmental activities in order to coexist with local communities.
    Hazardous substance control policy
  • Use environmentally hazardous materials free materials, components and packaging materials.
    5 S Activity Policy (5 S Policy)

As a basis of quality and safety, we carry out 5S as a daily activity by all participants.

    All above policy
  • We support what you need including human resources, budget, working hours, education and training. Also, I will give my opinion for activities in accordance with this policy.
  • We will continue to improve according to the above policy.
  • All levels of management and all employees have obligation and responsibility for the above policy.

As a rule of fundamental, the above policies will be announced outside the company in order to understand to employees or others concerning our company.

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