Automobile Parts

“High-performance automotive parts” require accuracy and efficiency

The automotive parts manufactured by TANAKA PRECISION (THAILAND) CO., LTD. can be group into three segment: motorcycle parts, automobile parts, and multipurpose engine parts. Motorcycle and automobile parts are categorized into engine parts, transmission parts, frame parts, and chassis parts. All of the parts are called "high-performance automotive parts" as they affect driving performance. Therefore, the highest accuracy and efficiency are required for them. We intend to enhance and expand the scope of the company's precision technology to contribute to the endless possibilities of automobiles.

Engine parts

Since 1997, we have been producing a Pin Piston which can be controlled within approximately plus or minus four microns. In 2007, the mass production of Retainer Valve Springs and Arm Assy Rockers made of aluminum began being produced by the company. TANAKA SEIMITSU KOGYO CO., LTD. our head quarter company, has joined the development project of VTEC engines for Honda Motor Co.,Ltd. in Japan and has produced VTEC Arm Assy Rockers for them. In 2006, TANAKA PRECISION (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. opened second factory to produce parts particularly for four-wheel automobiles. Ever since this, Rocker Arms, which are produced in the second factory,

Chassis parts

In 2009, the company started to produce Roller Assy and Retainer Outboards and they have been exported to the markets of both Malaysia and China. All of these parts are used for maintaining a constant speed and smooth driving performance. Accordingly, the highest accuracy and efficience are required in the manufacturing processes.