Message from Founder

Founder : Giichiro Tanaka
( 1920 ~1999 )

Senior Adviser : Ichiro Tanaka

Engineering and Precision

The history of mankind is the history of technological innovation in various fields. Modern society is the end result of a long series of technological innovations, produced by inventors with original and creative casts of mind, that have been passed on through the generations, being improved in the process.

Nevertheless, on matter how innovative the technology, it will not spread far and wide without the development of additional engineering that can translate that technology into actual product. On the other words, new technology must be created on the basis of new concepts, leading to the production of commercially viable product through high-precision processing. This combination of leading-edge engineering and precision technology is what TANAKA SEIMITSU KOGYO CO., LTD. and their group companies have continually required since establishment.

Motor vehicles are indispensable to modern society, and TANAKA SEIMITSU KOGYO CO., LTD. and their group companies have played a vital supporting role in the development of Japan’s automobile industry by supplying a large number of advanced, high-precision products to the nation’s automakers. From here onward, as the quality and roles demanded of automabiles by society and the environment changes, the company will utilize the full technological know-how and precision craftsmanship it has built up over many years to bring forth new, high value-added products. In this way, we will make a major contribution to the creation of a automotive function that benefits both people and the environment.