Outstanding High Precision realization

Today's cars is called "High precision Running machine", all products required Microm and Sub-Micron level as of hight "Accuracy". Naturally, quality control to ensure equal precision in all production-related areas is also required if parts are to be mass-produced to the same exacting specifications. Accordingly, at TANAKA PRECISION(THAILAND)CO., LTD. we have been working to establish quality control technology to assure the highest accuracy for our products.

Technical capability

TANAKA PRECISION(THAILAND)CO., LTD. has inherited the philosophy from its parent company, TANAKA SEIMITSU KOGYO CO., LTD., in striving to produce the highest quality and most efficient products. Since the company was founded, we have set pu an integrated production system wide range from press processing to cold/warm/hot forging, cutting, thermal treatment, grinding and assembly. So the company is now named as a "Technical Department". We try to manufacture our machines with as much precision as possible, We also purchase local materials, and manufacture metal molding plates by ourselves. By providing complete production processes, we are striving to maintain and improve our QCDES (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Environment, Safety)

Pursuing the highest level of quality

To provide the highest quality for our customers, we have been working to develop the micron and sub-micron level of accuracy of our products. The company has been certified with ISO9001 since 2004. The advantage of acquiring ISO9001 certification in the assurance of widespread and thorough preventive controls. It is based on the concept of preventing claims for damages and complaints before they occur. To meet the required level of qulity in our manufacturing facilities, a thorough control system has been established, encompassing production methods and inspection at the equipment development stage.

The exclusive technological precision capabilities of TANAKA PRECISION(THAILAND)CO., LTD. ensure the utmost reliability control system. This is what we have inherited from our parent company in Japan.